Five Friday Favorites

So, I want to start blogging my ‘five friday favorites’.

It might not be every week (I don’t think I have 5 new favorites *every* friday)

But I will be posting these every few fridays, so be on the look-out!

I’ll be sharing my favorite products, discoveries, or new things that have taken on a greater meaning in my life. I think this is just a fun way to show y’all some things I’m passionate about.

So without further ado, here are this week’s Five Friday Favorites

1) Kombucha Ohhhh my goodness where do I even start. So I’ve been hearing about the kombucha rage for a while now, mostly from the super crunchy/granola/hip instagram accounts that I follow and vicariously live through 😉 A few weeks ago when I was in KC for my friend Emily’s wedding, she showed me her favorite kombucha brand. When I got home to TX, I bought 2 different flavors and I am now OBSESSED! I feel like the kombucha flavor is definitely an acquired taste. If you’ve ever made any drinks with apple cider vinegar, the tart acidity flavor is very similar (but one that I can’t get enough of!) Emily showed me the Kevita Master Brew Kombucha, which is the only one I’ve ever tried, but it’s good enough where I don’t want to venture out to different types. I’ve had the tart cherry and pineapple peach (both super yummy.) I got a few at Target where they had 2 for $5. The bottle is two servings so one bottle lasts me for two days. I don’t buy them all the time (#newleywedbudgetlife) but it’s such a yummy way to treat myself every once in awhile!IMG_1115
2) Waking Up Early Anyone who knows me knows I have a really hard time waking up anytime before 9 or even 10 in the morning… (ask my college roommates). I have always wanted to be an early riser, and once I’m awake I love the quiet of the morning. But getting up, that’s the hard part. Since Kyle has started his internship, however, he has had to be awake around 7am each morning. I have been getting up with him and it has been totally life-changing for my mornings! Not only do I get to spend a little extra time with my husband each morning, but I get to make him breakfast, read or watch netflix, and sip on coffee. Before, I would wake up 30 minutes before I would have to leave for work, and throw on some clothes with little or no breakfast. This new routine is glorious. With that, I encourage anyone out there who needs a little re-vamp in their life


3) Old Navy Soft Linen-Blend Shorts So I got my first pair of these shorts last summer on sale and they were all. I. wore. I literally lived in those shorts, but wasn’t able to find any more. As soon as summer hit this year I went back and sure enough, they were re-stocked! For some reason, finding the perfect pair of shorts is nearly impossible for me. Jean shorts stick to you in the Texas heat, and I prefer my shorts to be a little looser, which is also very hard to find for a reasonable price. But these shorts, I’m in love. I have a forrest green, blue, and chambray pair, and at $20 I will continue buying Old Navy out until I have alllll the colors. I’ll link the shorts down below!


4) Drinking 150oz of Water… With a Trick I’ve always had a hard time drinking enough water. I either forget, or I just want to drink coffee and orange juice all day long. But recently I was scouring the internet for ideas and came across this game changer: rubber bands on a water bottle. So here’s how it works. My personal goal is to drink 150oz of water a day, which is roughly five of my off-brand yeti cups. So I put five bands on my cup. Each time I finish a cup, I move one of the rubber bands to the bottom, and I keep on going until alll the rubber bands are at the bottom! It’s an easy way to keep track of your water intake without using an app, and it’s like a game you can play with yourself. It has totally worked, and I’ve seen results! More energy, clearer skin, and less mindless snacking. Try it, it will change the way you drink water!


5) Origins Skincare I’ve always had temperamental skin, and especially last year while I was planning a wedding, getting ready to graduate, getting ready to move, and continuing long distance, (haha can you say stressed?!) my acne got to an all time high. My skin was horrible, and I was in a rut. I had tried every skin care option available, every pinterest-y idea and every facewash known to man. I looked like a puberty-stricken teenager. It did get better after all of my stress-points went away, but I needed something to bring me full circle, to give me back the skin I knew that I had… somewhere. I have a few friends that have used Origins facewash and skincare products and I had always noticed a drastic difference from before and after with them. So I took the plunge, paid for an expensive facewash/moisturizer and waited for the magic to happen. Let me tell you, IT HAPPENED! My face is in a totally new place. Breakouts are rare, my inflammation has gone way down, and I feel 10X more confident in my own skin. Plus, I can go makeup free now and not be self-conscious, which is a huge bonus! The face wash I got is called ‘a perfect world’. It’s a ginormous tube and while it did set me back $30, it’s supposed to last close to a year ( a little goes a long way.) I also use ‘a perfect world’ moisturizer. They have a range of skincare lines so go with what works best for you! My skin is extremely sensitive so I wasn’t able to use their citrus scented gin zing line. If you need any more info about this reach out to me! I have been in your shoes before and am happy to help anyone out with more info if they are in the same boat I was in.



Link for Old Navy shorts:



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