Our Wedding Day

January 4th, 2009, I walked into the same room as my future husband for the first time. There was obviously no way to know that it was my husband at the time, but I am able to distinctly remember many specific things about the day when I first met him.


It’s funny, because I don’t know if we even talked to each other that day. My family had recently moved to Valley Mills and this was my first Sunday at FBC Valley Mills. I walked up the wooden steps into the quiet attic where youth was held. Among a circle of worn out couches sat Kyle, a quiet boy who looked to be about my age,  and who I remember having a straight across haircut. I took my place next to the only other girl in the room. There was also a boy there dressed head-to-toe in camo (I would get used to the camo obsession after living in the little country town a few more years, where it was common for boys to wear camo tuxes to prom.) Kyle was not a camo boy, however. I noticed that right away.

One of the sweetest ladies, Angie Whitney, was asking us about how we spent our Christmas break. (Angie actually was a huge part of our wedding day, helping us pull everything together!) Kyle quietly told the group about how he messed around with some friends and played with some fireworks below a bridge a few days before (haha, it sounds so sketchy the way I describe it.)

Vague, but I remember it specifically: the day I met my husband.

On a rainy January day I married my best friend, Kyle Lanmon. It was the most beautiful, most grace-filled day of my entire life.

My bridesmaids had spent the night at my house, so on the 14th we woke up early and drove to Waco to get ready. Our ceremony was at 1pm (which is earlier than most) so we were up around 5:30 am. My bridesmaids were such solid supports for me throughout my engagement and my life, and I am so thankful for the role they played on that day for me.


We drove to Waco in multiple cars. I drove my car with my sister Erin next to me. We sang songs together on the way there, mostly Bethel Music and Hillsong. I drove and prayed and cried tears of excitement and awe. I was on my way to get ready for my wedding day.

We arrived at my aunt’s house to get ready, where we snacked on breakfast foods and started glamming up. My photographer (Sarah Thompson, such a talented lady) arrived at the same time as us and did an amazing job of capturing the day from the very beginning. One of my high school friends, Kennadi, did my hair and makeup. It was a sweet time getting to talk together. 

While we were getting ready, the guys arrived at the chapel to take pictures with our second photographer. During that time, Kyle’s best man, Moises, gave him the journal I had been writing to him since 2014. It was a gift I had poured my heart into, and it was incredibly special for him to receive it on our wedding day. (Now, we both have journals for one another and write in each other’s.)


Most of the day is a blur, to be honest. I remember getting to the chapel on Baylor campus and waiting in a side room, shaking and praying. The joy I felt was intense and surreal like nothing I had ever felt before. I could feel the thick presence of God surrounding us that day.

I remember the moment I saw my Dad. It is a moment I will never forget. The man who loved me first, and the man who has always reminded me of how proud he is of me. It was a truly sincere moment filled with tears, and I was honored to take his arm and walk down the aisle. There is no one else I would have wanted by my side.

When those doors parted, it felt like the sea parting for Moses. A moment when Moses saw God’s full faithfulness in the flesh, providing him with something so tangibly evident of how good our God is. The aisle that led me to my husband. I remember almost gliding down the aisle, feeling airless. Kyle and I locked eyes, streaming tears of awe. We both knew how sincere, how real, this moment was. Six years of ups and downs, of the best time of our life, of pushing through long distance, it had led us to the most grace filled day of our lives. We don’t deserve the joy we had, but through redeemed hearts and the promise of the Bible we were reminded “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” It was a moment when we were both fully known and fully loved.

I remember feeling like we were the only ones in the room, like Kyle was staring straight into my soul and speaking to every bit of my being. It was the most intimately personal moment in my life. The ceremony, the vows we promised to each other, I had never been so fully aware of myself. I know God was fully present in those moments. I had never known a love like the one I felt for my husband on that beautiful, rainy day. Reading my vows to Kyle shook me. I was fully aware of how sincere of a promise I was making. I wanted to scream my vows on a mountaintop, and that still would not adequately describe how deeply I meant what I said. The feelings were pure, raw, and perfect.

My Uncle Mark, a pastor, performed that beautiful ceremony, gave us the go-ahead on the best kiss ever, and watched as I became Mrs. Kyle Lanmon. It was beautiful.


We walked back down that aisle, crying and grinning ear-to-ear. We spent some time alone together before going to take family pictures and leaving for the reception.

Our reception was located in a simple, beautiful, white building in Cameron Park. We danced and kissed, gave our guests a million hugs, and got to look into the faces of everyone who had loved, supported, and prayed over us since day one. We are still so thankful for the many people there to celebrate with us on our very best day. The reception was a blur between all the faces and smiles, but I do remember the intense joy we had during those few hours after our ceremony. We were and are lucky to be loved by so many. Not only did my uncle fly from Alaska to perform the ceremony (!!!) , but a dear family friend, Carolyn, and her daughter Erin, baked the cakes and organized the food – the same friend who made my parents wedding cakes! My parents were so generous, giving me a beautiful wedding and providing me with everything I’ve ever needed.  Angie Whitney and Stephney Gaidusek, sweet, sweet ladies, volunteered so much for us, truly giving life to our day. My grandparents provided so much for us, and our families were so involved every step of the way. My best friend Maddy’s husband, Matt, DJ’d our wedding and Maddy, bless her heart because she poured blood, sweat, and tears to make our day how we envisioned it. It was a day full of reminders to be thankful for your people – the ones who would cross oceans and move mountains for you, just because they love you.


While it was a celebration of Kyle’s and my love, it was also a celebration of family and dear loved ones, because y’all are the ones who have shaped our lives. We loved having all of our people together in the same place for a day of celebration.

We ended the night with a sparkler send-off as we drove away in my Dad’s truck (thanks Dad!) for San Antonio (we could only get away for a weekend since Kyle had school that Tuesday!) We sang, kissed, and stopped to get Chipotle on our way to a peaceful and golden weekend spent together as husband and wife. Those next few days were spent strolling along the river walk hand-in-hand, exploring downtown, getting massages, and eating a whole lot of a lot of Mexican food!! It’s been five months since that day, but the joy and sincerity of the promise I made to Kyle and God that day has not ceased. It is an honor to love Kyle with my whole heart, for my whole life. He is an honorable and caring husband: my absolute best friend. There is no one else I would want to walk through life with.

“Life is not the mountaintops, it’s the walking in-between and I like you walking next to me.”




(P.S.: I will be uploading a whole lot of wedding photos to Facebook within the next week, so if you would like to see more, add me on Facebook!)


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